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TV Drama

Program Name:Beautiful World - Husband/ 美丽新世界 - 丈夫

  • Introduction
The patriarchal society destroys the balance of number of man against woman so the government has set the law that woman allow to have up to 2 husbands when they hit the age of 30. Women have better status in the society compare to men while men should become what we so called ‘house-husbands’. 男女人口比例失衡,男多女寡的情况导致女权世界的诞生。法律规定,一妻可以配二夫。在这个男女权益颠倒的世界,男人的存在与价值操控在女人的手上;“女主外男主内”;女人是家庭支柱,一家之主;男人必须懂得“相妻教女”,做一个“贤夫良父”。
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Participating Company (Full name):Natseven Tv Sdn Bhd Country/Territory:Malaysia
Programme Title:Beautiful World - Husband/ 美丽新世界 - 丈夫 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( )Min( )Sec ×( 3 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-07-15
Broadcaster:马来西亚 NTV7 Name:
Director:Chong Shee Lin/ 张序麟 Scriptwriter:Moo Siew Keh/ 巫绍棋
Cameraman:Lai Chee Keong/ 黎志强
Previous Awards : Producer:Wong Soon Teng/ 黄顺婷
Jack Yap Chaur Ming 叶朝明
Wayne Cai Pei Xuan 蔡佩璇
Chong Shee Lin 张序麟
Moo Siew Keh 巫绍棋
Coby Chong Wah Kong 庄可比