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TV Documentary

Program Name:Lost in Misty Forest 迷雾森林

  • Introduction
Brief Introduction of Documentary “ Lost in Misty Forest” Subspecies of the golden monkeys of the dinosaur age lived in the world’s Oasis Virgin forests in Shennongjia, China. Boldy who came from the upper class was the first male monkey that contacted with humans. What’s more, he had a lot of wives like Gracious and other sub-adult female monkeys. Orphan who had lost his parents, grew up in the unit of male monkeys that of lower class. The instinct for survival made Orphan challenge Boldy in monkey groups that were full of fierce competitions. Would the dream of Orphan come true in the end? And what about the future of the new born baby Shennong whose mother was Gracious? Qi Lin, a female college student, who was lost in the concrete jungle of the city, returned back hometown to seek for the faith and the roots of humans after her dream having been swept away by the rapid development of the times. How many hidden secrets did she discover in the world of golden monkeys? The film was recorded from the air, the dense forests and so on in the four seasons. Both the scene of deep mother love and the story of the affection that surmounted blood relationship carried the power to move hearts. What enlightenment would it bring us? 纪录片《迷雾森林》简介: 恐龙时代的川金丝猴亚种,生活在世界绿州——中国神农架原始森林中。大胆是第一个与人类接触,上层阶层的雄猴家长,拥有“怡宝”等妻妾和亚成年雌猴。失去父母的孤儿,在单元雄猴底层阶层中成长,求生的本能促使它在竞争激烈的猴群社会中,向大胆发起挑战! 孤儿能美梦成真吗?怡宝新生的婴猴神农,雾里看花,它的命运何去何从? 迷失在“钢铁丛林”——城市中的女大学生林栖,梦想被飞速发展的时代一丝丝抽离,重回家乡原始森林赎梦,探寻人类之根,在金丝猴传奇的世界中,她又发现了多少隐藏的秘密? 本片空中、密林,春夏秋冬捕获记录,直击人心、舐犊情深、超越血缘的生命故事,将带给我们怎样的启示?
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Participating Company (Full name):Wu Xiaoping StudioDocumentary Department of Hubei Radio and Television 湖北广播电视台纪录片部吴晓平工作室 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Lost in Misty Forest 迷雾森林 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 32 )Min( 27 )Sec ×( 1 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017年10月15日晚18点
Broadcaster:Hubei TV Public News Channel 湖北电视新闻公共频道 Name:
Director:Director :Xiaoping Wu 吴晓平 Scriptwriter:Screenwritter:Xiaoping Wu 吴晓平
Cameraman:Chief Photographer:Xiaoping Wu 吴晓平
Previous Awards : Producer:Producer: Xiaoping Wu吴晓平
Director/导演-Xiaoping Wu吴晓平
Cinematography/摄像-Xiaoping Wu吴晓平