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TV Drama

Program Name:Desperate for Love

  • Introduction
Terue Yamaoka is a single mother living with daughter Migusa, An unexpected reencounter with her estranged stepbrother Takenori brings back to her the long-suppressed memories of her harrowing childhood with her abusive mother Toyoko. Terue starts recounting to Migusa key events in her early life, including her happy but sporadic time together with her ailing father Bunei and the stories he told her about his homeland in Taiwan, her subsequent life with two stepfathers and Takenori, the escalating physical castigations by Toyoko who at one point had even told her that she “never wanted to have her”, and her ultimate escape from her torturous life, triggered by Toyoko’s attempt to take Terue’s first work pay away from her. Having revived her memories, and with encouragement from Migusa, Terue starts to search for the ashes of her father Bunei, the whereabouts of which she was too young to know at the time of his death. Having learned that friends of Bunei who had taken care of her for a time in her youth had since returned to Taiwan, she travels there with Migusa to find them. During an emotional reunion, Terue learns how Toyoko’s own desolate background might have deprived her of decent expressions of love, and that Toyoko, in her own troubled way, was desperate for love just as her daughter had desperately sought hers . Upon her return to Japan, Terue successfully locates her father’s ashes, and to bring closure to the troubled memories of her youth she decides to see Toyoko. Accompanied by Migusa, she visits a remote port town where she finds her aged mother living a spiritless life.
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Participating Company (Full name):Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation Country/Territory:Japan
Programme Title:Desperate for Love Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 120 )Min( )Sec ×( 1 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-01-11
Broadcaster:Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation Name:
Director:Masaaki Taniguchi Scriptwriter:Noriko Goto
Cameraman:Akira Sakou
Previous Awards :Asia-Pacific Child Rights Award / November 7, 2017 Producer:Masahiro Tanaka
Actress - Ryoko Shinohara
Ryoko Shinohara as Toyoko1
Ryoko Shinohara as Toyoko2
Ryoko Shinohara as Terue1
Ryoko Shinohara as Terue2