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TV Drama

Program Name:WHITE DEER PLAIN 白鹿原

  • Introduction
素有“仁义村”之称的白鹿村,居住着白姓和鹿姓两大家族。两大家族的祖孙三代的随波于动荡的年代,纠结于恩怨的纷争。清帝退位、土地革命等历史的更替在白鹿原这片古老的黄土地上,上演了一幕幕惊心动魄的画面。 Story opened in Shanxi Province vast plain after the collapse of Qing dynasty and in the beginning of the Republic of China’s establishment. In this harvested plain, there lives descendant of Family Bai and Lu for generations. Three little boys from the two big families grow up together since childhood and the high moral standards of their ancient culture are drilled into them. While as time passed by, the three childhood brothers stepped into different paths of life. Later in the drama, the destruction of the ancestral temple of White Deer Plain will serve as a metaphor for the degradation of Chinese society as a whole.
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Participating Company (Full name):Xi’an Qujiang Flim & TV Investment(Group)co.,ltd 西安曲江影视投资(集团)有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:WHITE DEER PLAIN 白鹿原 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 77 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-05-10
Broadcaster:Anhui TV ,Jiangsu TV Le.com安徽卫视、江苏卫视、乐视视频 Name:
Director:Liu Jin 刘进 Scriptwriter:Shen Jie 申捷
Cameraman:Huang Wei 黄伟
Previous Awards :2017年10月31日 获得中美电视节年度最佳电视剧奖 Producer:Li Xiaobiao 李小飚
Leading Actor-Zhang Jiayi 张嘉译
Leading Actor-Zhang Jiayi 张嘉译
Leading Actress-Qin Hailu 秦海璐
Leading Actress-Qin Hailu 秦海璐
Supporting Actor-Zhai Tianlin翟天临
Supporting Actor-Zhai Tianlin翟天临
Supporting Actress-Li Qin 李沁