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TV Drama

Program Name: The Ferry Man 3 灵魂摆渡(第三季)

  • Introduction
Long time ago, there is no underworld existing. A pillar linked the heaven and earth. The sky was not the same as now. It was hung in the cloud. According to the records afterward, it has another name called “Kunlun”. Humans are made by gods. Everything in this world are the children of gods. One day, the Empyrean Fairy, who is the messenger of god came to the man’s world. However, a disease spread among the humans. The disease makes people lose their minds. It’s called love. Because of love, the first war between humans and gods began. Xia Dongqing, who can communicate with spirits acquainted with the ferryman, Zhao Li and the Empyrean Fairy, Ya in convenience store 444. After a year, they met with each other again on the beach. Accidently, Xia Dongqing became the dead client of Zhaoli, who is doomed to help him to send 81 souls away. Ya got herself the ancient disease from humans, she fell in love with Xia Dongqing which is against the mission sent by heaven. As the ghost messenger, who needs to ferry the souls, Zhao Li seems to be capable of doing anything. Yet his most misery is he doesn’t have a soul so he cannot sense the happy or sad feelings like Xia Dongqing. On New Year’s Eve, they met the ancient beasts, Nian and Xi; in a remote village, there was a strange maze in which the spirit of the weaver girl was locked according to legend. Another year of waves were splashing the beach, along with the unnatural fog, another girl, who has been missing for many years was on her way home. 那是很久以前的事了。那个时候,还没有冥界,天柱连接着天和大地,天空不像现在的天空,那时候的天,悬在云端里。在后世的记载中,它还有一个名字,叫做“昆仑”。人类,是神创造的,世间一切,都是神的子民。昆仑山的天女来到了人间。天女,是神的使者。然而在人类中,出现了一种疾病,那是一种令人丧失心智的疾病,那就是,爱。因为爱,人类与天神之间,发动了第一场战争。能够与灵魂相通的夏冬青,与灵魂摆渡人赵吏和九天天女娅相识于444号便利店,一年后,他们又在海边重逢。阴差阳错下,夏冬青成为了赵吏的契人,注定要帮他送走九九八十一个灵魂。娅染上了人类古老的疾病,爱上了夏冬青,而这却与天界交给她的使命背道而驰。作为摆渡灵魂的鬼差,赵吏仿佛无所不能,但他最大的痛苦便是没有一个属于自己的灵魂,无法像夏冬青那样感受喜怒哀乐。新年前夕,他们遇到了古老的神兽,年和夕;荒山野村里,却矗立着一座神秘的迷宫,传说迷宫中封锁着织女的灵魂;又一年的海浪扑上沙滩,随着海雾一起爬上岸的,竟还有失踪多年的女子。
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Participating Company (Full name):JIANXIN Picture 北京完美建信影视文化有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title: The Ferry Man 3 灵魂摆渡(第三季) Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 40 )Min( )Sec ×( 12 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-11-04
Broadcaster: iQIYI爱奇艺 Name:
Director:Ju Xingmao巨兴茂 Scriptwriter:Xiao Ji Xiang Tian 小吉祥天
Cameraman:Zhou Yingbo周颖波
Previous Awards : Producer:Zhang Yuxin, Xue Xin 张语芯 薛鑫
Web Actor-Liu Zhiyang刘智扬
Web Actress-Xiao Yin肖茵
Director-Ju Xingmao巨兴茂
Scriptwriter-Xiao Ji Xiang Tian小吉祥天