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TV Drama

Program Name:The Legend of Condor Heroes 射雕英雄传

  • Introduction
In the Song Dynasty, Guo Jing and Yang Kang, whose parents were murdered, were brought up by Seven Freaks of the South and Quanzhen Taoist Qiu Chuji. 18 years later, Guo Jing went south with his master’s order. However, Yang Kang regarded the enemy as his father because of his wealth. Although Guo Jing fell love with Huang Rong at the first sight, Huang was engaged with Hua Zheng before. Besides, Seven Freaks of the South were opposed to Guo and Huang’s love. Fortunately, these two young people finally got a happy ending after experienced all the hardships. For instance, Guo once left Huang angrily because his five masters were brutally killed in Peach Blossom Island where was Huang’s home. Guo’s kungfu were daily improved after making friends with top martial artists. Then, he finally finished this resentment, revenging for the death of his parents and masters. Also, he won the ‘Book of Wumu’, leading the army expedition, competing on Hua Mountain, saving national crisis of Xiangyang. The original honest and dull Condor Hero became a man of compassion for the state and the people. On the other hand, Yang Kang was hard to escape the fate of tragic death as a result of his evil deeds. 南宋时期,惨遭灭门横祸的郭靖、杨康分别在江南七怪与全真教道士丘处机的教养下成人。18年后,郭靖奉师命南下。杨康却贪恋富贵,认贼作父。郭靖与黄蓉一见如故,彼此倾心,但因华筝之婚约在先,以及江南七怪的反对等多种因素,两人情感可谓一波三折。五位师父被害于桃花岛,郭靖愤而离开黄蓉。这一对两情相悦的青年,经历了坎坷磨难,才修成正果。恶言恶行的杨康,也难逃惨死在嘉兴铁枪庙中的命运。郭靖随黄蓉故国万里行,遍识天下武林高人,武功日见提升,终于得以报杀父深仇,消师门积怨,夺《武穆遗书》,率大军西征,承亡母之教,上华山论剑,救襄阳国难。这位原本纯朴憨厚、木讷愚钝的射雕英雄,变成一个为国为民、悲天悯人的侠之大者。
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Participating Company (Full name):HuaCe Media浙江华策影视股份有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:The Legend of Condor Heroes 射雕英雄传 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 43 )Min( )Sec ×( 52 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-01-09
Broadcaster:中国大陆东方卫视 China Dragon TV Name:
Director:Jeffrey Chiang 蒋家骏 Scriptwriter:Shen Yuchen, Wang Zixi, Zhao Weina, Xu Tao 沈昱辰、王自蹊、赵微娜、徐涛
Cameraman:Jiang Hongmin 江洪敏
Previous Awards :2017年2月 中国电视剧品质盛典-年度新锐剧星 杨旭文 2017年2月 中国电视剧品质盛典-年度新锐剧星 李一桐 2017年8月 2017年度金骨朵十大精品网络剧 Producer:Wu Dun吴敦
Leading Actor-William杨旭文
Leading Actress-Li Yitong李一桐
Supporting Actor-Chen Xingxu陈星旭
Supporting Actress-Meng Ziyi孟子义
Director-Jeffrey Chiang 蒋家骏