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TV Entertainment Programme

Program Name:Lady Bees 蜜蜂少女队

  • Introduction
Lady Bees’ is a music reality show about girls-group icon cultivation, co-produced by Leisure Work Studio and Zhejiang Satellite TV. The show is composed of 12 episodes. ‘Lady Bees’has Nicky Wu and Nicholas Tse as head coaches, each carriesonegroup of untrained girls and cultivating them to approach icon standard. After rounds of competitions, the winning groupin the end will be able to receive contract and make their official debut asgirls-group icon. The showwas broadcast every Saturday night 22:00 after "along the way with you"second season on Zhejiang TV from March 12,2016 to May 28, 2016. Nicky Wu’s team won the game in the end, team member Liu Yuxin, Zhang Xiya, Xu Heqi, Luo Shuhan, Guan Kaiyuan and Nicholas Tse's teammember Kong Xue’er,Zhang Youranmade their official debut as a girls-group, and named the team ‘Lady Bees’. 蜜蜂少女队简介 《蜜蜂少女队》是由浙江卫视和从容制作联合制作的一档大型女团音乐养成真人秀,节目共12期。 节目由吴奇隆和谢霆锋担任总教头,分别率一队素人少女进行训练,然后两队进行PK。最终在节目中获胜的少女将会签订合约,正式以女团形式出道。 节目于2016年3月12日起每周六晚22:00在浙江卫视首播,与《一路上有你第二季》叠播。于2016年5月28日收官,吴奇隆队赢得比赛,少女许和琪、刘雨昕、张希雅、罗姝涵、关凯元以及谢霆锋队少女孔雪儿、张悠然以蜜蜂少女队的团名出道。
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Participating Company (Full name):浙江广播电视集团卫星频道Zhejiang Satellite TV Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Lady Bees 蜜蜂少女队 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 80 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 12 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-03-12
Broadcaster:浙江卫视(全国) Name:
Director:Hua Shao华少 Scriptwriter:Shu Huan Team束焕团队
Cameraman:Leng Quan Team冷泉团队
Previous Awards : Producer:Hua Shao华少