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TV Animation

Program Name:Beijing Opera Cats 京剧猫

  • Introduction
Long long ago, the country Purpetua was covered by chaos. Monsters raged across the country and creatures suffered at Purpetua. A cat named “XIU” found and rang the legendary “magic gong”. The chimesresounded through Purpetua and dispelled chaos. “XIU” realized the original power of the universe- Yun, and became ancestor of Beijing Opera Cats. Now evil comes again, chaos rage at Purpetua. LIL’PAI- a teenagerin Cat Havendreaming to be a Beijing Opera Cat, gets to know the last descendant of Beijing Opera Cats by accident, and finally becomes a Beijing Opera Cat after overcoming challenges with his friends WU, JING and ZAD, and starts to fight for the peace of Purpetua! 很久以前,在一个叫猫土的国度,混沌遮天蔽日,魔物肆虐横行,猫土众生深受其苦。这时,一位名为“修”的猫找到并敲响了传说中神奇的“元初锣”,锣声响彻猫土,震散混沌,同时“修”也领悟了万物本源之力——韵,并成为了京剧猫的始祖。 如今,邪恶再次降临,混沌肆虐猫土。咚锵镇,梦想成为京剧猫的少年——白糖,意外结识了京剧猫末裔,并与小伙伴武崧、小青、大飞一起,突破重重考验最终成为京剧猫,并为猫土的和平而战!
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Participating Company (Full name):Dazzling Star Culture Development Co.,Ltd 北京璀璨星空文化发展有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Beijing Opera Cats 京剧猫 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 12 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 20 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-09-22
Broadcaster:上海、上海炫动卡通卫视 Name:
Director:Peng Qing Zheng彭擎政 Scriptwriter:Li Guanxuan李冠萱
Previous Awards : Producer:Du Gangyang杜刚阳