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Program Name:The Disguiser 伪装者

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The Disguiser Screenwriter: ZHANG Yong Director: LI Xue Producer: HOU Hongliang Stars: HU Ge, JIN Dong, LIU Mintao, WANG Kai, WANG Lejun, SONG Yi, WANG Ou, LIU Yijun, YUE Yang, GUO Xiaofeng, WANG Zheng, ZHANG Yanyan 41 Episodes Premiere Platform: Hunan Satellite TV Premiere Time: August 31, 2015 During the Puppet Regime of Anti-Japanese War period, MING Tai was kidnapped by WANG Tianfeng to the training school of KMT for special training on the way to his university in Hong Kong. Tai became a cruel KMT agent after the training and came to Shanghai to start a series of secret activities with his partner YU Manli. In the "Crush Plan", Tai blasted the official train of the puppet government successfully with a underground Communist Party member CHENG Jinyun, the two fell in love in the battles. Tai always won great achievements, but he got gradually disheartened for the "national crisis wealth" of KMT, and Jinyun developed Tai to a member of underground Communist Party. To obtain the victory of front battlefield, Tai united with his brother MING Lou who has a complex identity to started the "Knell Action", which confused the Japanese by false information, and obtained the turning point for the Anti-Japanese War. 伪装者 编剧:张勇 导演:李雪 制片人:侯鸿亮 主演:胡歌、靳东、刘敏涛、王凯、王乐君、宋轶、王鸥、刘奕君、岳旸、郭晓峰、王铮、张棪琰 集数:41集 首播平台:湖南卫视 首播时间:2015年8月31日 抗日战争中汪伪政权成立时期,富家少爷明台在赴港读书途中,被军统高官王天风绑架至军统训练班,经过残酷特训成为一名军统特工,学成后与生死搭档于曼丽前往上海展开一系列秘密活动。在“粉碎计划”中,明台与中共地下党成员程锦云联手,成功爆破汪伪政府运送日军高官专列,二人在战斗中产生感情。明台在一次次行动中屡立奇功,却对国民党发“国难财”的举措渐渐心灰意冷,程锦云发展他成为中共地下党潜伏工作者。为获得前方战场的胜利,明台与身份复杂的兄长明楼兄弟同心,启动“丧钟敲响”行动,成功地用虚假情报迷惑了日军,为抗战胜利赢得了转机。
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Participating Company (Full name):Daylight Enterainment Co。,Ltd东阳正午阳光影视有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:The Disguiser 伪装者 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( )Sec ×( 41 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2015年8月31
Broadcaster:湖南卫视 Name:
Director:Li Xue 李雪 Scriptwriter:Zhang Yong 张勇
Cameraman:Yang Jun杨军
Previous Awards : Producer:Hou HongLiang侯洪亮