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TV Animation

Program Name: Weather Boy! 观测站少年

  • Introduction
As a son of a weatherman, Jamie does not feel that' s something worth showing off, since everyone is annoying asking him about the weather. When Jamie's dad left to a weather station in Switzerland for his further research, Jamie starts to make things up about the weather forecast and gets frustrated for no longer getting the firsthand information from his dad. What's worse, Jamie just had a fight with his best friend, Berger. After so many unpleasant things happened, Jamie couldn't resist calling his dad and cries out loud immediately while the phone gets picked up, even though that's not his dad on the other side of the phone, it's Macy who is the manager of the weather station instead. Out of impression talking with Jamie, Meacy suggests that he should come join the team for the research. The boy now is heading to Switzerland with a lot of excitement, and it turns out he is not the only one who is going… Rifle, a bull dog of the school guard, hidden in his backpack is going too! Jamie, Allen, Meacy, a weird engineer JP plus gluttonous Rifle all team up for an innovated weather simulation project called Moses. Moses as the heart of the simulation project is going to time travel with the crew and shows the history and the future of the weather on earth.
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Participating Company (Full name):兔子創意股份有限公司 studio2 ANIMATION LAB Country/Territory:Taiwan
Programme Title: Weather Boy! 观测站少年 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 70 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 1 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2014-07-09
Broadcaster:台灣Taiwan / 公共电视文化事业基金会Taiwan Public Television Name:
Director:CHIU,LI-WEI邱立偉 Scriptwriter:CHIU,LI-WEI邱立偉
Previous Awards :2016 中国西安第五届国际原创动漫大赛 新光奖 入围 2015 四川电视节 金熊猫奖 最佳海外影院动画片 入围 2015 台湾电视金钟 动画节目奖 年度最佳动画节目 2014 韩国首尔国际动画影展 最佳动画电影 入围 2014 亚洲电视节 最佳3D动画片 入围 / 评审团最佳推荐 2014 中国厦门国际动漫节金海豚 最佳动画影集 入围 2014 韩国首尔Guro国际儿童影展 入围 2014 中国国际动漫节金猴奖 动画影集最佳潜力奖 入围 Producer: Wei,Hung 魏鴻