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TV Drama

Program Name:Red Sorghum 红高粱

  • Introduction
Introduction of TV serial “Red Sorghum” In the 1930’s, at Gaomi county of Shandong province, the folkway there was so wild and full of bandits running amuck. Zhu Haosan, a former soldier emergently took office as the head of the county, and determined to eliminate the bandits. When Jiu Er was 19 years old, she was sold by her gambling addicted father to Shan Bianlang who was infected with leprosy. To run away from the arranged marriage, Jiu Er and Zhang Junjie, her childhood sweetheart made an agreement to elope, but Jiu Er was captured to the hill by bandits. Yu Zhanao felt in love with Jiu Er at the first sight, and he risked his life to save Jiu Er out from the bandits. Jiu Er married to Dan’s family with hate and anger because of misunderstanding with Zhang Junjie. When she returned home for the first time after marriage, Jiu Er was carried on the shoulder and took into a sorghum field by Yu Zhanao and had sex with Yu. To avenge for Si Kui, Yu Zhanao became a bandit which made him a mortal enemy of Zhu Haosan. Jiu Er was pregnant with Yu Zhanao’s baby, and she risked her life to give birth to the pigeon pair babies. Shu Xian, the sister in law of Jiu Er, set Jiu Er up for several times to get the family property inheriting rights. Finally they came into peace with each other, and be together they maintained their family wine making business. Then the July 7 Incident of 1937 occurred, the Japanese army invaded Shandong province, Yu Zhanao and Zhu Haosan disregarded previous enmity and fought the Japanese army back together. Jiu Er seduced Japs into a sorghum field and died bravely with the enemy.《红高粱》故事梗概 上世纪三十年代的山东高密民风剽悍、土匪横行。行伍出身的朱豪三临危履职出任县长,决意肃清匪患。十九岁的九儿被嗜赌的父亲卖给患有麻风病的单扁郎当媳妇。为了逃婚,九儿与青梅竹马的张俊杰约好私奔,却被土匪抓上山。余占鳌对九儿一见钟情,冒死救出九儿。九儿误会俊杰,含恨下嫁单家。婚后回门途中,九儿被余占鳌扛进高粱地成了他的女人。为给四奎报仇余占鳌当了土匪,与朱豪三势不两立。九儿怀上余占鳌骨肉,拼死生下一对龙凤胎。嫂子淑贤为保家产继承权,多次设计陷害九儿,最终二人和解,共同撑起酿酒产业。七七事变爆发,日军进占山东,余占鳌与朱豪三摒弃前嫌共同抗日。九儿独自将日本鬼子引到高粱地,与敌人同归于尽。
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Participating Company (Full name):Dongyang Le Flower Film and TV Co.,Ltd. 东阳市乐视花儿影视文化有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Red Sorghum 红高粱 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 约45 )Min( )Sec ×( 60 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2014-10-27
Broadcaster:山东卫视、北京卫视、上海东方卫视、浙江卫视 Name:
Director:Xiaolong Zheng 郑晓龙 Scriptwriter:Dongling Zhao 赵冬岺
Cameraman:Ze Xie 谢泽
Previous Awards :·2013年12月19日,荣获第四届乐视盛典“2014观众最期待的年代类电视剧奖”。 ·2014年12月17日,荣获“2014国剧盛典”电视剧“十佳电视剧奖”、“年度最佳女演员奖(周迅)”以及“年度杰出贡献奖(郑晓龙)”。 ·2015年3月12日,荣获2014中国电视剧上海排行榜“品质大奖”及“最受观众喜爱的电视剧奖”。 ·2015年3月21日,荣获“2014北京电视台电视剧金奖”。 ·2015年6月12日,荣获第21届上海电视节“白玉兰奖”“最佳女主角奖(周迅)”以及“最佳女配角奖(秦海璐)”。荣获“最佳电视剧提名奖”“最佳导演提名奖”、“最佳编剧提名奖”“最佳男主角提名奖”以及“最佳男配角提名奖”。 ·2015年8月9日,荣获第17届华鼎奖“中国百强电视剧满意度调查第一名”;“中国百强电视剧最佳导演奖(郑晓龙)”;“中国百强电视剧最佳女主角奖(周迅)”;“中国百强电视剧最受观众喜爱的女演员奖(周迅)”;以及“全国观众最喜爱的电视剧作品奖”共计五项大奖。 ·2015年10月31日,荣获第二届横店“文荣奖”“最佳女主角奖(周迅)”。 Producer:Ping Cao 曹平