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TV Documentary

Program Name:Life Force 生命的力量

  • Introduction
Life Force 2 builds on the worldwide success of Life Force, a six part series that explored evolutionary hotspots around the world. Two years in the making, Life Force 2 is a global production, partnering NHK and NHNZ with CCTV9, Science Channel, Discovery Networks International, Arte and SVT. This blue-chip evolutionary wildlife science series follows the dramas of the daily lives of animals found in biodiverse global ‘hot spots’, unravelling compelling science mysteries, and showing how strange ties and curious connections bind our mutant world. The series sets itself apart from traditional natural history shows by carefully crafting a blend of genres, combining exceptional wildlife photography by world-class crews with CGI, cinematic-style narratives and cutting-edge science. The second series features a weird cast of surprising mutants at six more key locations, showing how the ceaseless process of evolution fits each animal to live in its own particular environment. Visualising the science behind their evolution, Life Force 2 homes in on the specific adaptations that have allowed animals to overcome the barriers to their survival and allowed each species to thrive in its own unique world. Six one-hour episodes focus on China’s Tibetan Plateau and Hengduan mountains, Africa’s Albertine rift, India’s Western Ghats, Borneo’s tropical rainforest, the Namibian desert and Costa Rica’s rainforest. Life Force 2 uses the latest state of the art camera technology, cutting edge macro light-weight cameras capturing microscopic creatures and insects, mini sky-copters attaining perspectives unachievable from helicopters and planes, and the latest cinematic 4K and high speed cameras, recording animals and plants in glorious detail.
六集纪录片《生命的力量》(第二季)将聚焦全球的生命奇迹,探索世界范围内的生命进化热点。 《生命的力量》(第二季)是一部多国合作的纪录片,由中央电视台纪录频道、日本放送协会(NHK)、新西兰自然历史公司、科学频道、探索网络国际频道、法国艺术电视台(Arte)及瑞典电视台(SVT)联合摄制,历时两年制作完成。这部科学类蓝筹野生动物进化纪录片,讲述了在全球生物多样性热点下,多种动物的日常生活,揭示了引人入胜的科学谜团,展现了充满变化的世界中那些奇异的联结与奇妙的联系。 本片既有传统自然历史类题材纪录片精心设计的多样风格,同时还融合了由世界级特效师制作的罕见野生动物影像、电影的叙述风格,以及对最前沿科学的解释。 《生命的力量》(第二季)特别挑选了六个主要地点的生物演化奇观,展现每种动物在其特定生存环境下生活的过程中无休止的进化过程,用可视化手段呈现了进化背后的科学理论。该片还关注了动物为了克服生存障碍而演化出的具体适应能力,以及每个物种在他们各自的世界中如何繁衍生息。 这部6集×1小时的纪录片分别聚焦了中国西藏地区及横断山脉、非洲艾伯丁裂谷、印度西高止山脉、婆罗洲热带雨林、纳米比亚沙漠及哥斯达黎加雨林等地区的故事。 《生命的力量》(第二季)运用最新的艺术影像技术及最先进的超轻型摄像机捕捉微观生物和昆虫的影像,利用小型直升机远距离拍摄大型直升机或航拍飞机不可及的地区,并使用最新4K摄影机和高速摄影机记录动植物的美妙细节。
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Participating Company (Full name):Natural History New Zealand,Ltd 新西兰自然历史有限公司 Country/Territory:Zealand、China、Japan;新西兰、中国、日本
Programme Title:Life Force 生命的力量 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 48 )Min( )Sec ×( 6 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2014-07-02
Broadcaster:美国探索频道 Name:
Director:Mike Single 迈克·辛格尔 Scriptwriter:Quinn Berentson 奎因·博伦逊
Cameraman:Mike Single 迈克·辛格尔
Previous Awards : Producer:Lorne Townend 洛恩·唐恩德