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TV Drama

Program Name:118

  • Introduction
《118》 118 is a long form drama set in Tiong Bahru, a little community in Singapore where the old meets the new, and tradition sparkles with modernity. Our main characters are a family of six, Hong Daming, Liu Meimei, and their four children. The Hong family owns ‘118’, a coffee-shop which people from all walks of life frequent. Daming, nicknamed 118 (a homonym for “want to prosper” in Mandarin), is a big-hearted man who is known to all in the Tiong Bahru area. If there is any neighbor who needs help, he is the one to go to. The family lives in a 4-room pre-war flat above the coffee shop. This small flat is home to the family of six, as well as a tenant, “Ah Niang”, a middle-aged dumpling stall owner who had fashion design dreams. As the story progresses, Meimei’s elder sister, Jiejie, and her family also seek refuge at this house after Meimei’s brother-in-law, Zhang Tiancheng’s business failed. On top of that, Daming’s younger sister Hong Shanshan and her step-daughter also moved in temporarily, after her husband “disappeared”. Overcrowding spells trouble for the little flat, but “118” is a magnanimous and easy-going man. He would rather give up his room and sleep in the coffee shop, than issue an eviction notice to his ‘guests’. And so these people gather under one roof. 118 the flat and 118 the coffee shop, both owned by “118”, soon becomes a fertile breeding ground of happenings - good, bad, funny, scandalous, strange, bizarre… 118 showcases the positive side of Singaporeans – optimistic, level-headed, caring, family-oriented, harmonious, strong sense of community spirit… and also exposes the negative side of them – selfish, cold, xenophobic, complaining, complacent, petty… Through the drama, we see our virtues and vices, which should be cultivated and discarded accordingly.
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Participating Company (Full name):Mediacorp 新加坡传媒集团 Country/Territory:Singapore
Programme Title:118 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 23 )Min( )Sec ×( 255 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2014-10-20
Broadcaster:Channel 8,Mediacorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd Name:
Director:Wong Foong Hwee/Lim Meng Chek/Foo Seng Peng/Khoo Khiang Ting/Zhang Huiying/Martin Chan/Koh Shuyi Scriptwriter:Ang Eng Tee
Cameraman:Soh Kok Leong
Previous Awards : Producer:Paul Yuen/Chong Liung Man