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TV Documentary

Program Name: Somewhere Out There - Dhaka Tannerie地球那一边 - 达卡皮革厂

  • Introduction
Notoriously ranked as one of the world’s most polluted places- Hazaribagh, a tannery district in Blangahdesh has been criticised as the cause of severe river pollution. In this debut episode, Belinda Lee visits a tannery factory to discover how workers young and old risk their health to make a living.
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Participating Company (Full name):August Pictures Pte Ltd Country/Territory:Singapore
Programme Title: Somewhere Out There - Dhaka Tannerie地球那一边 - 达卡皮革厂 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 46 )Min( 45 )Sec ×( 1 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2015-12-03
Broadcaster:新加坡新传媒优频道 Singapore MediaCorp Channel U Name:Mooi Pui Kuan
Director:Ron Woo余俊权 Scriptwriter:Chang Hui Yin田慧音
Cameraman:Tai Yih Khai戴义凯
Previous Awards : 2016 Apollo Awards - Best Directing (Long Form) 2016 International Film Festival EKOTOPFILM-ENVIROFILM - Main Prize (Current Affairs) Producer:Chow Wai Thong周伟堂