Asia Rainbow TV Awards lists

TV Drama

My Dangerous Wife
Best Costume Drama
Best Comedy
It's alright,this is love
Best Inspiring Drama
The Disguiser
Best Action Drama

Yawen Zhu
Best Leading Actor in Modern Drama
Mintao Liu
Best Leading Actress in Modern Drama
Zhigang Yang
Best Leading Actor in Costume Drama
Wang Kai
Best Supporting Actor in Drama

Hailu Qin
Best Supporting Actress in Drama
Dennis Chew
Best Actor in Comedy
Elnaz Habibi
Best Actress in Comedy
Xiaolong Zheng
Best Director in Drama
Tsutomu Kuroiwa
Best Scriptwriter in Drama

Man Yue
Best Theme Song in Drama

TV Documentary

Somewhere Out There
Best Social & Cultural Documentary
Life Force
Best Nature & Environment Documentary
Mike Single
Best Cinematography in Documentary
Mike Single
Best Director in Documentary
Li Bing
Best Director in Documentary


Lady Bees
Best Variety Show
Big Food
Best Infotainment Show
Greatest Chefs
Best Game & Quiz Show
Hua Shao
Best Entertainment Host
Beibei Chen
Best Entertainment Hostess

TV Animation

Moving Out
Best Animation
Guanxuan LI
Best Scriptwriter in Animation
SeoHee Choi、John Han
Best Director in Animation
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